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Tree services in St. Petersburg, Florida, such as tree removal and trimming, are required for home lawns, treed streets and within the 137 parks, which expand over 2,300 acres, according to, The Official Site of the City of St. Petersburg, FL.

The city, as well as most of southern Florida, is known for palm trees. Although our city lies firmly in the “sunshine state,” where the weather is always beautiful, the pests that infest palm trees puts a damper on the city for homeowners. Our tree care company, Sherwood Tree Service, can save the tree and rid it of insects so you will once again have a beautiful yard.

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Tree Removal Arborist

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Our fully bonded & insured tree service offers professional St Petersburg tree removal. We’ve been specializing in this service for well over 11 years, and are consistently recognized for the quality work we do with our removals.

Do you have a tree nearing the end of its life, threating the safety of your family, home or business? Or, perhaps you simply have a tree in the way of a beautiful view – and you need someone to come in and assess the tree’s candidacy for being removed?

Good news: we offer 100% free consultations.

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Have an urgent issue and need someone out to look at your tree today? We give same-day estimates to many customers who call in about their potential tree removals in St. Petersburg, FL early in the day.

Professional Tree Trimming

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Our arborist team also offers tree trimming & pruning in St Petersburg. This is another one of our most important service offerings, and one of the most popular among our customers.
Once again, we offer 100% free estimates & consultations for all tree pruning calls.

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We’ll come out to your home or business and do a thorough evaluation of your tree. Our trimming arborist will give you a verbal expectation of what the tree should look like after our work is done.

The care of your trees is of utmost importance to us – which is why we employ the latest ANSI A300 standards in tree pruning. We want your trees to look great years from now, not just the day we leave your property.

Interested in our tree pruning service? We work for customers in St Petersburg, FL, as well as the entirety of Pinellas County, FL and its surrounding areas.

Tree Services Provided

tree-service-st-petersburgTree care companies offer a variety of services performed by certified arborists and trained professionals. Tree pruning, tree healthcare and stump grinding are in high demand.

Tree doctors will evaluate the trees in your yard, determining if they are hazard trees by identifying possible targets. A target is a person or property on which the tree can fall.

St Petersburg tree removal is also a task for the experts. They will determine the proximity of power lines and how difficult it is to get to the tree’s location. Some of these services may become a do-it-yourself project; however, if you run into problems, contact the professionals.

Urban Forests

Urban Forests describe the trees of a neighborhood from front lawn to street trees. This ecosystem offers a healthier city by providing clean air and a habitat for fish and wildlife, according to American Forests. Social benefits include shaded picnics and beautiful trails for walking or running. Tree lined streets and park walkthroughs offer a place to drink coffee, while relaxing in nature.


In 2006, the Tampa/Sarasota area, which includes St. Petersburg, was infected by a deadly disease, according to the Tampa Bay Times. At first date palms were attacked but cabbage palms and Sabal palmetto, the Florida state tree, soon became infected. The disease earned the term Texas Phoenix Palm Decline (TPPD). Symptoms include discoloration of the leaves closest to the ground. The portion of the tree that flowers will die first. If caught early enough, TPPD can be treated with an antibiotic, which has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).Tree service professionals will inject oxytetracycline HCL every four months for the remainder of the palm tree’s life.

In the 1970s, Florida palms became infected with “lethal yellowing,” which is a bacterium that has no cell membrane. Coconut palms were almost completely eliminated from this infestation.

Other disease may also affect the variety of palm trees in St. Petersburg. Florida residents must be on the lookout for fungi, which queen palms, the fastest growing palm tree, are susceptible to. Originally attacking south Florida, fusarium wilt spread state wide in 2007.

Although we serve the city and surrounding area, some of our clients come from the most populated portions of St. Petersburg, including, 33701, 33702, 33703, 33705, 33709, 33710, 33712.33713, 33714 and 33716.

Contact our St Petersburg Tree Service office for a consultation on the trees in your yard. We will determine health, hazard rating and best time to prune.